Overall About Cafe

Rai Ruen Rom’s Organic Restaurant:

A Local Approach to Cuisine


Sit back. Take a deep breath. Experience nature. Our dishes are full of color - all organic, freshly hand-picked, with regional ingredients that have been grown for centuries. Each dish is symbolic. They represent the livelihood of Thai people, those who have poured out sweat and tears over the land. Our goods are produced as a joint venture with locals - upon our own farmland, and in co-operative gardens. In our view, these are the best ingredients to make wholesome, healing foods. And we forgot to mention - every meal comes with a complimentary basket of seasonal Thai salad leaves.

We want to be truly creative in developing each dish. We want to make it fresh, mouthwatering and tasty. We use no MSG in our foods. This is in keeping with our organic heritage. We also selectively use rice bran oil in cooking our foods. The slices of food on your plate - the rice in the very center, fruits, vegetables, dried shrimp, duck eggs, herbs and flowers you see in front of you- all of these are products come from our integrated farming. And they each have their own meaning. The message is one of balance. The environment,  the village, the nation, and each of our individual lives - we all need proper balance.

One of our favorite chefs in Thailand is named Panupon. He is a Former Thai Iron Chef champ. He’s famous for his unique, indigenous way of cooking. We love his creativity in using pure, locally-grown ingredients. Before opening up our restaurant and café, we wanted to interact and brainstorm with him. So we invited him over to our place, to learn more about his methods and philosophy. We saw many elements in his cooking that had the power to uplift the lives of villagers. These “Indigenous ingredients” could help encourage local culture, and energize villagers to continue producing delicious, healthy goods.

“We’re showcasing indigenous ingredients on our menu, in part to expose people to them and in part because we want to support the farmers and encourage them to grow things the organic way… I go out to the markets, out to the fields, out to the farms… I use local products wherever possible.”
— Chef Panupon ‘Black’ Bulsuwan