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Gallery & Video

Rai Ruen Rom is one-of-a-kind. We are a place that seeks to embody the principle of ‘Harmony With the Land’ in everything we do. We are passionate to share this way of living with you, with our nieghbors, and with the world. We want to help you understand and apply these life-changing principles to your life. Come and get your hands dirty with us!

We are excited to offer you delicious, organic food dishes - super fresh, straight from the farm to your plate. On top of this, guests are invited to come stay with us at our signature farm stay. We offer package options for individuals, couples, families and groups. It’s rustic, fun, and comfortable. We have exciting and adventurous activities that everyone can enjoy - fun and hands-on experiences for all. Participate in organic farm life, and come engage in a plethora of organic, farm-friendly and village-centered activities.

Come try your hand at some of RRR’s most sought-after experiences - plant rice in the fields, process it the old-fashioned way, dye cloths organically, feed sheep and goats, visit the village, see the community forest restoration project, and till the soil at the co-op village garden. It’s all directly connected to us, here at Rai Ruen Rom. Following our ethic of sustainability, we give fair prices for all the organic fruits and vegetables we purchase from villagers. Our highest aspiration is maintain tight-knit relationships to local villagers, and see their lives prosper.

Our team of locally trained cooks make amazing natural foods. Our restaurant is becoming well-known in Northern Thailand for its consistent quality, fresh feel, and delightful tastes. For each dish we serve, the ingredients are primarily grown and handpicked from our own farm, or direct from the village. If you so wish, you can come participate in the growing and harvesting process with us. You’ll pick up a few handy agricultural skills that you can take home, and put into practice back in your home country.

We are proud to be passionately community-focused. Both young and old come from the nearby villages. We employ them with the ethics of integrity, honesty, sustainability and equality. And we invest deeply in each of their individual lives. We teach them useful skills in the areas of integrated farming. We pay them fair wages, and treat them with respect. We offer them ongoing counsel & consulting in the areas of personal finances, savings, family planning, entrepreneurship, organic farming, sustainable lifestyle, and many other practical skills. We want them to flourish in every way.

Our beautiful plot of land is green, virgin, and organic. We have over 80 acres. Everything we do is completely friendly towards the environment. Our energy sources are all natural. Our agriculture techniques are all chemical and pesticide free. Our approach to living and planting is governed by local wisdom, diligence, moderation, prudence and justice - the five principle tenets of our beloved King, Bhumipol Adulyadej.

We are a warm and welcoming family. Once you come here, you’ll be grafted into our colorful and close-knit family. We receive guests from around the globe - from Singapore to Saigon, Beijing to Taipei, Melbourne to Nantes, London to L.A. We embrace our guests with open arms, open hearts, and warm smiles. We wish to make your stay here truly satisfying and refreshing.

We are a beautiful and virgin farmland. Our guests can see stretches of mountains, spreading for miles across the landscape. As the sun peaks over the hills, the fields flood with light. At dusk, the sun nestles back into its place. Then, at night you can see throngs of stars and constelations in the sky. See the nature of Thailand in its prime. And watch our diligent workers planting and harvesting, as far as the eye can see.

We are a relaxing refuge for city folk, business people, families, and tourists alike. Kick back, find holistic rest, and reconnect with your roots. This is the one, the only, Rai Ruen Rom.