Integrated Farming Philosophy:

The Purpose of Raising Goats, Sheep Chickens and Ducks

Goats and sheep provide a special kind of manure. The dung is a super ingredient for the land. It provides long-term, perceivable benefits. The molecular structure is smaller, and therefore takes longer to digest into the soil. The droppings slowly unleash its nutritional benefits into the sediment. A balance of nutrients are released into the earth. Commonly used fertilizers can’t compare. Cow manure, for example, immediately leeches itself into the soil. The molecules are large, and quickly absorbed. The benefits of these kinds of fertilizers are short-lived. For these reasons, we have chosen to use goat and sheep manure on our organic farm. These work to make the soil alive, healthy and strong. In addition, we use the goats to produce fresh organic milk. Cheese, ice cream and milk drinks are some of the tasty products that can be made.

Ducks are one of our keys to an abundant rice harvest. These blunt bill, short legged, webbed-feet, waddling creatures are a gift of nature. They are an essential element in growing pest-free, healthy rice. Several weeks after the rice buds, we release large groups of ducks into the paddies. The ducks immediately dive into the shallow waters, and swim around. They kick their legs and make movement. This provides oxygenation to the growing plants. At the same time, the ducks search for bugs to eat. They consume much of the pests, larva and eggs which destroy the crop. Finally, as they rest in the water, the ducks provide a special manure to the paddies. The ducks are an incredible benefit for our crops. We collect all the duck eggs, and produce several of our signature dishes. We ferment and salt them to make an ancient super food.