Farm Stay

Farm Stay

About Rooms and Rates

  • What are the check-in and check-out times? We recommend guests to check-in no later than 2:00PM. Check-out time is 12:00PM noontime.
  • What about late check-ins and check-outs? We are able to accomodate our guests for 1 hour past the posted times. Past this, there will be a small nominal fee.
  • What types of accommodation are offered? Tents are our primary accomodation. There are large, medium and small sizes available. Several air-conditioned rooms are also available.
  • Are the rates charged per tent, or per person? In every case, we charge per tent.
  • Does my reservation require a money guarantee? There is no required money guaruntee on your stay. Stays are on an as-available basis.
  • How can I cancel my Farm stay reservation? Upon request, we can cancel your reservation, or change the date of your stay.
  • What about refunds? We hold to a no-refund policy. Customers are welcome however to use 100% of their credit within 6 months. You may use it to purchase products from our shop, tour packages, or stays at the farm.
  • Are pets allowed? We are unable to host any sort of animal on our farm.
  • Can we pay online? Yes. We accept payment through Google Wallet and Google Payment. At the moment, we have not yet begun to use PayPal, or any other online payment service.
  • Does the room rate include breakfast? Yes. Breakfast is covered by us. We have a set menu of dishes to choose from for morning meals. Salad, homemade yogurt, bread, beverages, and an appetiser is included.
  • Do you offer rates for day use? Yes. Many facilities are available for day use. We offer our mini-conference room, one-day activities, and others. For special events, we also are open to hosting medium to large-sized groups.
  • Is wireless internet/wifi available? Yes. Wireless is readily available in our tents, rooms, restaurant, seminar room, etc. Expect occasional weather-related interference.
  • Do you offer television? No. We encourage our guests to enjoy nature, and soak in the beauty of the farm. We aspire for this to be a place of spiritual renewal and restoration.
  • Can guests smoke or drink alcohol? Yes and no. Guests can smoke in designated areas only. No smoking is allowed in restrooms, rooms, etc. We offer a type of fermented beverage in our restaurant. Guests can bring their own bottles of wine. No hard liquor, no vodka, no beer.
  • Are safety deposit boxes available? Yes, they are offered to each of our guests for free.


Email Questionnaire for Incoming Guests

Rai Ruen Rom is pleased to receive you at our Farm Stay. We are welcoming increasing numbers of guests. The following preliminary questionnaire will help us to best serve you during your stay. We ask that you would answer the following questions at least 7 days in advance to your stay:

  1. What specific day is your group expecting to arrive at RRR?
  2. What style of accomodation - Dome Tent or Room - would you like to reserve?
  3. How many guests are expecting to stay with us?

Once we have received your stay info, our team will re-check your booking details. And we will contact you at a convenient time.
These are the Sizes of Tents that we Offer to our guests. There are nine (9) in total.

  1. Tent Suitable for 4 People - (3 Available on Site)
  2. Tent Suitable for 3 People (2 Available on Site)
  3. Tent Suitable for 2 People (4 Available on Site)

These are the sizes of air conditioned rooms available. There are three (3) in total.

  1. Room for 2 People (2 Available on Site)
  2. Room for 3 People (1 Available on Site)

**Important Note - Our air conditioned rooms do not have a bathroom inside the room. A communal public bathroom and shower facilities are available nearby for customers to use.

Rai Ruen Rom does not service our customers 24 hours a day. We currently serve our guests between the hours of 8:00AM and 6:00PM.

For the convenience of our staff, we would like to request that our customers make a reservation at least 3 days in advance, prior to their estimated arrival.

Our cleaning staff work during the day, and return to their homes at 6:00PM. After this time, there are no housekeeping or cleaning staff available.