General Questions

General Questions

  • Can I bring my kids to RRR? Yes. We offer them a plethora of play areas, open space, fun activities and a mini petting zoo. There’s no excuse for boredom at RRR.
  • What about toddlers? Anyone under 6 year old gets to eat for free.
  • What about food for kids? Children between 7 and 11 years old get half-price for any breakfast option.
    • Is there a swimming pool? No. We have not yet built any swimming facilities.
    • How much parking space is available? There’s dozens of available parking, for cars large and small. We also have a dedicated motorcycle parking area.
    • Do you have hairdryers in the tents/rooms? Yes. These are available upon request.
    • Can you help us find fun activities in the local area (elephant rides, bamboo rafts, etc)? Yes. Our staff will try to assist you as much as possible. We can recommend nearby attractions and activities.
    • What about those who are disabled? We have a handicapped accessible ramp for the restaurant and restrooms. These facilities are not yet available for the farm stay.
    • Is a doctor available on site?  No. We do not presently offer a doctor or nurse here at RRR. 
    • How far is the nearest hospital? The closest hospital is around 15 minutes (10 kilometers) away from RRR, in the city of Theong.
    • Where is the nearest bank and ATM? About The closest one is in the city center of Theong. It is around 10 minutes (7 kilometers) away.
    • Can bags be stored here while we visit other places in Thailand? Yes. You can store bags large or small with our staff. We will watch over them on your behalf.
    • What voltage do you use in Thailand? 220watts is the most common voltage for electronics. Be sure to bring adapters for Western appliances with 110watts.
    • Is it safe to drink tap water in Thailand? No. We offer filtered water day and night to all our guests.


About Tours & Business Travellers

  • Can I connect my laptop in the tent? Yes. All tents have full electrical hook-ups and wifi access.
  • Is translation available for guests? Yes and No. We have one translator available. But his presence and availability is not guarunteed.
  • Will we have a chance to visit with locals? Yes. There will be plenty of chances to visit local villagers, and meet people in the nearby communities.
  • Can we stay with locals? Yes. We are developing a way for guests to stay in the homes of our friends in the village.


About Dining

  • What time is breakfast served, and what kinds are available? Breakfast begins to be served at 8:00AM. We offer a variety of organic dishes.
  • At homestays, will the family cook for us? Yes. You are welcome to eat inside the villager’s home. They will cook you up some well-known local dishes. You can also take advantage of our excellent restaurant at the main campus.
  • Are there vegetarian and vegan options? Yes. We love vegitarians & vegans. We have made our menu with them in mind. We offer many options for those who don’t eat meat products, seafood, shellfish, dairy or eggs.
  • What time does the restaurant open/close? Our doors open at 8:00AM, and the final order can be placed at 6:30PM. 
  • Is 24 Hour food service available? No. But, we serve bananas in your room. And you can purchase snacks in our shop. Peel and eat any time.