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Rai Ruen Rom Farm Cafe

Local Craft Green Café

Feel Alive. Go Green. Sip. Savor. Repeat.

Blending styles from the West and the East, our café offers you a variety of Thai-inspired coffee beverages. Our ingredients are carefully chosen. We are committed to using only fresh milk and fresh fruit. Order a passion fruit drink, and we squeeze 1/2 a kilogram of fruit to make it! Our herbal drinks are rooted in our soil. We pick the ingredients ourselves, and make it into delicious drinks. Our coffee drinks are free of any imitation milks or carnation (with harmful effects upon health). Our café holds to the principles of cleanliness, freshness and organic origins. These beverages are sure to keep you healthy and make you feel alive.

Rich. Roasted right here. Green from bean to cup. Our green coffee beans are grown by our partners in Chiang Mai. From the farm, they are transported to our coffee roastery. Here, our staff roast them to our liking. We rely on a medium roaster imported directly from Switzerland. This machine produces beans with consistent flavors, delicate accents, and rich tones. The next step is shipping them same-day to our café. From here, we begin roasting up your coffee!  Want to Feel Alive? Try our Green Café.






RRR: Farm Fresh Bakery

Dig in. Eat fresh from the farm.

Want something unique? That you’ve never tried before? Now’s your chance. Introducing our mini Farm Fresh Bakery. These deserts are hand made within our farm. We try to find real fresh produce that can be made into tasty deserts. Then, we try to blend ingredients that are wholesome. The fruit found in our deserts are taken from our farm, and also from our co-op village garden. Instead of using imitation and processed butters, we only use fresh butter. Our main deserts are made from rice flour, planted in our own paddies. And our ice creams are all-organic. No preservatives. No artificial colors. No fake ingredients. Only Real Food. Tasty treats you can enjoy all-day long.