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Rai Ruen Rom Farm

Organic Farming

is our passion

The philosophy at the heart of our organic farming practices goes beyond simply managing the soil, water, air and sunlight. For us, being truly sustainable means living all of your life organically and doing so with heart.


Growing plants the organic way might sound easy but with the current ecosystem situation - whereby soil, water and forests are being rapidly destroyed by human hands - it is becoming increasingly difficult to grow plants organically. Years of non-sustainable farming has caused irreparable damage on nature. Consequently, there are fewer available habitats and less food supplies available for different types of animals and insects, whose search for food has become the main obstacle to growing organic plants. In this new environment - with fewer natural resources available - famers and gardeners must adapt their cultivation practices to face new problems of disease and insect intervention.

A major difference between chemical and organic farming is in the management of disease and insects. In our organic process, we use nature therapy, which does not adversely impact the land. Because we are using nature to cure nature, organic production takes a longer time and requires more frequent human interaction, but at Rai Ruen Rom we think it's worth it. We believe that by using our organic methods we can help restore natural balance to the ecosystem.

Rai Ruen Rom is not just a farm that wants to produce high quality and safe food for people; our bigger aim of the farm is to return the ecosystem to nature by improving the quality of soil and water through natural methods. In nature, plants do not survive with artificial nutrients alone, they also need the nutrients that are hidden in the rich soil to transform themselves into premium food, not just standard food.

This organic process ensures that Rai Ruen Rom products are of a higher quality, contain higher nutrition and taste better when compared to plants grown using chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Crops grown using organic methods produce natural antibodies, which make them more disease-resistant, and enable them to be more healthy naturally.

The Rai Ruen Rom difference

  • No chemical herbicides or pesticides. We prioritise protection over elimination, by using natural methods such as by using biocomposting with herbs containing effective micro-organisms. We proudly use human labour rather than chemicals to control pests.
  • Natural rat deterrence through use of goat and sheep manure (which contain particular odors rats are averse to).
  • Extraction of enzymes from herbs, plants and fish to use on vegetable to increase plant nutrition.
  • We only use manure and other animal byproducts that are certified-standard or produced on-site to avoid cross-contamination.
  • We make our own animal food from different types of grains, plants and fruit. We do not use instant or artificial animal food.
  • All of our animals are free-range, none of which are confined in restrictive conditions.
  • We use no chemical fertilizer. We produce our own fertilizer from different types of herbs, plants and fruits.
  • We use the micro-organisms in our bio-fertilizer methods, which produce fresher, healthier vegetables that are richer in nutrients and have a longer shelf-life.