The Heart of Rai Ruen Rom

Center For a Sustainable Life Together

‘Our Heart is Sustainably Growing Together’


We are a warm and welcoming family. Once you come here, you’ll be grafted into our colorful and close-knit family. We receive guests from around the globe - from Singapore to Saigon, Beijing to Taipei, Melbourne to Nantes, London to L.A. We embrace our guests with open arms, open hearts, and warm smiles. We wish to make your stay here truly satisfying and refreshing.

We are organic and sustainable food growers. Our farm-to-plate restaurant offers you local, organic tastes. We use vegetables, fruits and herbs that are locally grown, and freshly hand-picked. We offer you organic eating - healthy foods that is tasty. Come and experience our signature dishes - teeming with vibrant colors, mouthwatering smells, and brilliant tastes.

We are an applied center for learning. Our teaching staff host daily seminars and workshops. These help you to get a hands-on, practical way of a sustainable life together. We want our guests to live out the principles of ecological commitment, and holistic balance in their everyday lives. Come learn and live with us, hand-in-hand.

We are devoted agronomists and agriculturists. The life of a farmer is a difficult one, but a fulfilling and joyful one. We are always refining our farming techniques. We hope to produce fruits, vegetables and herbs that are truly extra-ordinary. And that heal, restore and refresh your body, mind and soul.

We are sustainability lovers. We’ve spent many, many hours talking with experts and visiting exemplary farms throughout Thailand. We owe much of our practices and methods to others who we’ve observed, and learned from. We take what we’ve learned, and try to make it sustainable in the long-term. In this way, we are pioneers in our field. Everything we do is wrapped in tried-and-true wisdom. We try our hardest to balance ancient with modern. We do this in order to effectively take care of the environment.

We are a restful farm stay. Come and get close to nature. See the mountains in the morning. Hear the birds chirping their songs. People from different countries are beginning to come here to refresh, relax and reinvigorate. We worked hard to make our facilities clean and comfy. Our ’tribal themed’ tents are very spacious and homely. In the near future, we hope to build natural modern-style bamboo cabins. And also add more comforts to our tents.

We are a beautiful and virgin farmland. Our guests can see stretches of mountains, spreading for miles across the landscape. As the sun peaks over the hills, the fields flood with light. At dusk, the sun nestles back into its place. Then, at night you can see throngs of stars and constelations in the sky. See the nature of Thailand in its prime. And watch our diligent workers planting and harvesting, as far as the eye can see.