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Rai Ruen Rom Farm Stay

We are a restful farm stay. Come and get close to nature. See the mountains in the morning. Hear the birds chirping their songs. People from different countries are beginning to come here to refresh, relax and reinvigorate. We worked hard to make our facilities clean and comfy. Our ’tribal themed’ tents are very spacious and homely. In the near future, we hope to build natural modern-style bamboo cabins. And also add more comforts to our tents.

We are a beautiful and virgin farmland. Our guests can see stretches of mountains, spreading for miles across the landscape. As the sun peaks over the hills, the fields flood with light. At dusk, the sun nestles back into its place. Then, at night you can see throngs of stars and constelations in the sky. See the nature of Thailand in its prime. And watch our diligent workers planting and harvesting, as far as the eye can see.

On top of this, guests are invited to come stay with us at our signature farm stay. We offer package options for individuals, couples, families and groups. It’s rustic, fun, and comfortable. We have exciting and adventurous activities that everyone can enjoy - fun and hands-on experiences for all. Participate in organic farm life, and come engage in a plethora of organic, farm-friendly and village-centered activities.

Rai Ruen Rom Farm Stay Package include:
- 1 Full Dinner Meal Set
- 1 Stay (Price Varies According to the Room Type)
- 1 Full Breakfast Meal Set
- 3-4 Farm Main Activities:
1. Visiting Sheep Goats House & Feeding Food
2. Natural Dye: Get 1 Gift (scarf or tote bag)
3. Free Bicycle Riding Around Farm Area
4. Farm Tour (*Upon Request, Depends On Weather & Seasons)

Essential Tips & Pointers to

Make Your Stay at RRR the Very Best

  • We Are Rustic & Rugged - Be prepared to get dirty. See the hot sun. Experience the real deal. This is rural life in North Thailand. We are not a 5-star hotel. RRR offers an even more rewarding, memorable experience. Come enjoy the simple life with us.

  • Slow & Steady - Life in the countryside can feel slow and boring for city folk. We don’t have shopping malls, movie theaters or sky trains. But we do have 2,500 stars you can see almost every night. We have unlimited fresh air. We have rich green fields and beautiful mountains surrounding us, 360 degrees. This is what life's all about.

  • Times for Breakfast - Breakfast is available for order starting at 7:30AM.

  • Times for Dinner (High Season) - The final dinner order can be placed at 6:30PM.

  • Times for Dinner (Low Season) - The final dinner order can be placed at 7:30PM.

  • Teas On Hand - We offer fresh herbal farm teas. All of them are produced by our farmers. At the present, we do not carry breakfast or black teas.

  • Unlimited Tea - For groups that are tea lovers, we offer unlimited tea pots throughout the day. Get the teapot in hand, pour yourself, and drink as much as you please.

  • Coffee Available - We offer freshly roasted, ground coffee. Ask us, and we’ll give your group a coffee pot to pour yourselves. If you want an Americano, Mocha, Cappo, Latte or anything else, call one of our staff and we’ll have it ready in minutes.

  • Milk and Sugar - Our philosophy at RRR is pure organic. We offer you fresh milk and sugar to add to your coffee. But we do not carry cream, or any artificial creamers.

  • Snack Bar - We have just opened a snack bar. You can purchase small treats until 10PM at night. Buy snacks to eat during the evening time and late night.

  • Pay As You Go - For groups only, we use a Pay-As-You-Go system. After ordering, we ask that you would kindly pay for your order. This helps our staff immensely.

  • Pay Before You Leave - For individuals only, we use a Pay-Before-You-Leave system. We will record your purchases on a tab. This is convenient for 1 or 2 people.

  • Break Times - 30 minute breaks are held at 10AM and 3PM. This gives you a chance to relax your mind from activities and seminars. You can enjoy tea, coffee and desserts.

  • Our Workers - Each of our workers is from the local village. They have children, parents and households to take care of. After their work shifts, they promptly go home.

  • Airport Transport - We have vans available to send you to Chiang Rai International Airport. Make a request 1 or 2 days in advance. We can send you at your convenience.

  • Showers & Restrooms - The tent areas have their own restroom facilities for men and women. There are hot and cold showers inside. We apologize for flies and bugs that often sneak into the facilities.

  • Hair Dryers - We ask that you do not bring your own hair dryers. In the past, they have caused electric shortages. We provide hair dryers in the men’s and women’s restrooms.

  • Electric Outages - Be prepared for an electric outage. Since our farm uses 100% eco-electricity and solar power, you can expect an outage every now and then.

  • Reclaim Your Roots - Take every moment to soak in nature. Take advantage of our wildlife, flora and fauna. See the villagers. Stay and eat with them. Learn to love life. Begin to walk with a new philosophy of life - Harmony with the Land.

Experience authentic Thai tastes, rest, learning, and feel. A place where sustainable living and integrated farming walk hand-in-hand. This is a unique place to recharge, refresh and relax.